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News - High-speed train from Alanya

In accordance with the plan of construction of high-speed railway system in Turkey, Antalya and Alanya will be attached to the system of high-speed railways by the line, which connects Ankara, Istanbul and Eskisehir.

High-speed (Antalya-Eskisehir and Antalya, Kayseri) trains will pass with the speeds of 200 km / h. Every year trains will be able to transport up to 4.5 million passengers and 10 million tons of cargo. Building a high-speed railway line Antalya-Eskisehir will begin in 2016 and should end in 2020. The project cost is 8.4 billion Turkish liras.

Another line of high-speed railways will connect Antalya , Konya , Kayseri and Cappadocia  in 2020 . The length of this line is 641 km ( Kayseri and Nevsehir 41 km, Nevsehir – Aksaray 110 km , Aksaray – Konya 148 km, Konya – Seydisehir 91 km, Seydisehir – Manavgat 98 km, 57 km to Manavgat and Alanya , Manavgat – Antalya 97 km) .

When the construction of a high-speed railways will be completed , you will be able to get from Antalya to Istanbul in 4,5 hours and to Ankara in 3 hours.

On the map you can see the stages of the construction of railways in Turkey.

News - High-speed train from Alanya
News - High-speed train from Alanya

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