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Admiral Premium - Exclusive Sea Panorama Penthouses For Sale in Alanya - Penthouses For Sale in Konakli Alanya Read more ►

Admiral Premium - Exclusive Sea Panorama Penthouses For Sale in Alanya

561.500 € Alanya / Konakli
Admiral Premium penthouses in Alanya, luxury homes with 5 star facilities, benefit from a private sauna, inbuilt jacuzzi & a huge infinity sun panorama terrace.
250,7 - 296,5 m²

Holiday penthouse Konakli- the idea destination to own a holiday retreat

It is obvious that investment buyers would be interested on investing on properties at a site wherein they get the assurance of quality life at competitive pricing. The same reasons can be accounted beyond the rising demand for the penthouse Konakli among the international investment buyers. ...

An overview on the township of Konakli

A splendid site for beach tourism, Konakli comes within the district of Alanya in the Turkish Province of Antalya. Its location on the National highway D-400 makes it navigable from the other points in the district and the provinces. Konakli is separated from the district town of Alanya and the provincial city of Antalya at separations of 7 miles and 81 miles respectively.

The closeness with the prime slots in the city and the province ensures that the flocks accommodating themselves at the penthouse Konakli gets the provision of all the modern amenities. Aside, the comfortable climate and the spectacular ambiance of the township make it more conducive for living as well as for tourism. It is worthy to mention that Konakli is among the most highly visited places by the tourists in Turkey. 

The standing at the real estate segment

Konakli had entered its name in the list of the prime locations for real estate development in Turkey. The millions of the tourists visiting the places get so impressed with the natural beauty and the high standard of life in the township that they end up investing on the holiday Penthouse Konakli. Hence, the international investors dominate the real estate sector in Konakli. 

Why the international investors invest on Konakli properties?

Konakli is the best place to acquire a property on European soil, as the average pricing of the luxurious properties is lowest here, compared to the general level of pricing for the properties compared to the European standard. Hence, the investors did not think twice before investing on the cheap penthouse Konakli.

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